JC Gagnon PC Doctor

Secure data deletion


  • Data deletion beyond forensic recovery;
  •     Meets the highest safety standards in the Canadian-American industry;
  •     Peace of mind for compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS);
  •     Military technology at your fingertips;
  •     Available for Windows only for the moment.

Continuous learning


  •  Remote computer troubleshooting; 
  • Hard disk formatting; 
  • Installing Windows; 
  • Recovery of master data; 
  • Computer installation; 
  • Remote IT support with (TeamViewer); 
  • Replacement of parts (RAM, hard disk, thermal paste); 
  • Reset smartphones and tablets; 
  • Spyware removal;
  • Virus cleaning; 
  • PC cleaning; 
  • Problem-solving techniques.




  • Over time, your hard drive accumulates unnecessary files. Indeed, files can be fragmented, which slows down computer performance;
  • Hard disk cleaning and regular defragmentation are also essential, especially if the computer is slow. One of the best ways to improve the performance of your PC is to optimize the disc drive. 

Your IT specialist


  • Your PC or DVD burner suddenly turns off. Or it's Windows that's doing something wrong and no longer works as well as it used to. 
  • Yet you have not committed any fault. It's frustrating, and you know, I totally agree with you. The causes of different desktop problems are many and often difficult to identify. 
  • I would therefore like to take the opportunity of your visit on this page to share with you the causes of the most frequent failures. I also propose to explain the interventions I practice to correct and repair these hardware and software problems.

Computer repair


  •  IT Consulting; IT Security; Vpn Installation and Configuration; Quick Response and 90 Day Guarantee; 
  • Detailed explanations on the computer repair to be carried out;
  •     Communicate with clients when decisions need to be made; 
  • Computer cleaning; Offer competitive and advantageous rates for customers; 
  •     Montréal remote support service; 
  •     Joliette computer repair; 
  •     Value-added IT services;
  •    PC Doctor & PC fix.

Computer troubleshooting


  • Computer repair, Windows installation and remote computer support are part of my IT services specializations. 
  • In particular, I have a solid background as a computer scientist and a diploma in computer support recognized by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec. 
  • Computer repair JC Gagnon: In business since 2013.